Hey there! First of all, we, the team at PhantomBot, would like to apologize for the lack of updates there has been recently. Do remember that the PhantomBot team is fully committed to own personal goals and other things such as work, school, etc. However you're more than welcome to join our Discord server, where you can get latest insights on the future of PhantomBot! On that note, stay safe and happy streaming!

Since the last release, we've collected user feedback and bug reports and have made some tweaks/changes in order to keep PhantomBot stable and bug free! As always if you have anything to suggest to us, or would like to post about any issues/bugs you may have encountered, please feel free to make a post on our community forum!

Just a friendly reminder, PhantomBot is free and will stay free. We strongly believe in open source principles and providing a service to the community. However, we do accept donations to help out with the costs of providing servers and other infrastructure (you also get exclusive updates, and other stuff too!).

That being said, we hope you enjoy this release, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, as well as joining our Discord server for more news and updates regarding PhantomBot!


  • Built-in Java 11 support, this means that you no longer need to download Java separately in order to run PhantomBot (unless you're running PhantomBot on a Raspberry Pi). (Thanks gmt2001)
  • Added ability to refund bets.
  • Added botlogin.txt directive: silentscriptsload=true . This disables the printing of the loading of the modules to the console.
  • Fixed the panel sometimes losing connection with the bot.
  • Custom directories will go out as part of the distribution.
  • New tags: (hours), (followdate), (senderrankonly).
  • Bitly API (to replace Google URL Shortener that was deprecated by Google).
  • Basic authentication for customapi/json. (Thanks gmt2001)
  • Added new permission system for Discord.
  • Added new poll chart to be displayed on stream.
  • !twitter post accepts the (enter) tag now. (Thanks Lurk24)
  • Added (help=) tag to custom commands that should be used only on command that require parameters to provide more information.


  • Only one YouTube player instance can be loaded at a time now.
  • The HTTP SQLite API now has support for the section column. (Thanks gmt2001)
  • Massive improvement to how time and points are increased to users. This will reduce CPU load and times significantly. (Thanks gmt2001)
  • Massive performance increase to the DataBase. (Thanks gmt2001)
  • New HTTP and HTTPWS server. (Thanks gmt2001)


  • Fixed potential issues that can cause the bot to become unresponsive on Discord and Twitch.
  • Fixed "Betting Reset" not working on the control panel.
  • Fixed (customapi) tag grabbing parentheses outside of the tag.
  • Fixed Discord attempting to reconnect during shutdown.
  • Fixed NewPanelSocketServer attempting to restart during shutdown.
  • Fixed DRS not working.
  • !highlight command may receive an uptime string that is missing data. This was changed to retrieve the number of seconds the stream has been up.  That number is now used as the direct parameter to the VOD to know where to skip to.
  • The !points remove command was not registered at all.  This resulted in the command being open by default and any custom point command being open. (Thanks HeCodesTooMuch)
  • Fixed crash when using commands with multiple lines.
  • Fixed quotes date showing invalid when editing.  (Thanks gmt2001)
  • Fixed the !unhost command requiring an argument for work.
  • Fixed keyword cooldowns not always working properly.
  • Fixed commands with a 0 second cooldown not using the default global cooldown.
  • Fixed panel not sorting dates correctly.
  • Fixed security flaw where a user could execute bot commands from the WebSocket with the Read Only Auth token. (Thanks gmt2001)
  • Fixed security flaw where a user could update database values with the Read Only Auth with the API when the YouTube player was online. (Thanks gmt2001)
  • Fixed (downtime) command variable not updating to proper downtime.
  • Fixed how PhantomBot handles reconnecting to Twitch, this should fix issues where PhantomBot becomes unresponsive when chat has been inactive for a while.

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